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Lord of the Rings – Mt Olympus, South of Rivendell

FLIGHT TIME: 60 minutes
TOUR DURATION: 2 hours +
Mountain Landing
LOTR Location
Native Bush
Lord Of The Rings - Mt Olympus
Lord Of The Rings - Mt Olympus
Lord Of The Rings - Mt Olympus

Fly northwest from our Wakefield Heliport over the Kahurangi National Park and into Golden Bay for a landing on Mt Olympus to view the strange pinnacle rock formations that were used to portray the rugged country “South of Rivendell.” It was here, as the nine rested and cooked a meal, that the crebain crows of Saruman, searching for news of the One Ring, spied the travellers below. Hurriedly extinguishing their fire they hid behind the pinnacles in an attempt to escape discovery.

Mt Olympus sprouts rocky outcrops which over time have been eroded by weather to form incredible columnar shapes. It is an extremely remote location and can only be reached by helicopter.

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