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Commercial Operations

Helicopters Nelson provide a range of commercial helicopter services across the Top of the South Island.

Survey – High and low level survey for any type of operation;  Geological surveys, mineral exploration, animal counts & general survey.

Lifting & Construction – Aerial crane services into local or remote locations. We can assist with the construction of buildings and towers in remote areas where a crane would not usually have access to. We are highly experienced in unloading Barge’s in the Marlborough Sounds.

Conservation – Wild animal/pest control, transport of personnel, aerial geological & animal surveys, hut maintenance & removal of human waste. No job too big or small!

Photography & Filming – Helicopters Nelson are experienced in High Definition, Gyro Stabilised film work. Our AS350 Squirrel fleet are the perfect platform for this type of work and are compatible with most camera systems and mounts. We can put you in the perfect position to capture a special photograph or to film a motion picture. Film pilot ‘Toby Reid’ is highly experienced using Gyro Stabilised Camera systems and can help you organise your project from start to finish.

Communications Support – Transport to remote locations for maintenance or construction of towers and communication equipment.

Energy Support – Specialising in power line survey, maintenance and line construction, with our modern and well designed power line stringer.

Forestry Support – Transport of key personnel, forest health surveying, fire fighting support, training of forest personnel in the use of helicopters (NZQA approved), security matters and we also provide a rapid response to machinery breakdowns. We can lay out straw lines for haulers in those difficult gullies at very competitive prices.

Farming Support – Located in Wakefield we are close to our regions key farming areas. Live animal capture and mustering, pest control, lifting of fencing and general farming equipment.

Frost Protection – Frost protection for any crop. We have vast experience, specialised techniques and all necessary equipment.

Police, Search & Rescue – We are able to cater for the following search and rescue services. Searching for missing persons, transport of search crews, ELT/ELBA tracking and transport of Police and Armed Defense squads.

Concept Development – We are open to exploring new ways to utilise the helicopter. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea for a helicopter to help your business.

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