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Pilot Training

Where do I start?

Introductory Trial Flight: If you are keen on flying helicopters, either for fun or for a career as a professional helicopter pilot, we recommend you take a 30 minute trial instruction flight.

During this flight our instructor will give you the controls (initially one at a time) and let you feel how the helicopter responds to your control inputs. After you have a basic understanding of each of the helicopters three controls your instructor will give you full control and you will quickly see how challenging and enjoyable a helicopter is to fly!

Commercial Pilot Training

Helicopters Nelson offer premium one on one flight training like no other company in New Zealand. What do we offer that makes us different from the rest?

What we offer

  • We only take limited numbers of full time Commercial student at a time
  • You train in the Cabri G2
  • You are trained by a ratio of 3 instructors to one student (2 B Cat and 1 C Cat)
  • Your instructors are also highly experienced commercial pilots flying larger turbine helicopters on a wide range of applications
  • You get on the job training and opportunities to work out in the field with your instructors on commercial operations such as long line and fire-fighting work. This work experience can go on your CV to show you have worked within a commercial operation and have the skills required to be a ground support crew as well as a junior pilot
  • Helicopters Nelson will assist you with job placement in the industry and we have worldwide contacts to help put you on the right track
  • All our past students have gained employment and are now working all over the world.

What we don't cover

  • We do not offer student funding
  • Commercial students must have all theory exams passed in order to start full time training
  • We do not take on international students so you must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • We have a strict acceptance policy that you need to pass prior to starting your training. This is to ensure that the pilots we recommend to future employers are of a high standard with regard to not only flying skills but general attitude and work ethic.

Commercial Pilot License - Flight Time Requirements

150 hours flight time

This is made up of the following:

  • 35 hours dual instruction
  • 35 hours solo flight time
  • 10 hours Mountain Flying
  • 10 hours Sling
  • 10 hours Cross Country Flying

Private Helicopter Training

Helicopters Nelson also specialise in flight training for the private or recreational pilot.

What we offer

We offer one on one tuition and can help get you through your helicopter licence whether it be in one of our training helicopters or your own helicopter if you decide to purchase.

We help with helicopter acquisitions and offer pre purchase inspections to make sure you know what you are getting. Helicopters Nelson have bought and sold helicopters from all over the world and have a huge number of contacts to make international import another option.

The information below is a basic outline of what you will need to do for your private helicopter licence.

Private Pilot License - Theory Exams

You must pass the following (6) exams (70%) before you are eligible to sit a flight test. This is now also required before you can carry out a solo cross country flight greater than 25 nautical miles.

  • Flight Radio Techniques
  • Human Factors
  • Aviation Law
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Helicopter Principles of Flight

Private Pilot License - Flight Time Requirements

50 hours flight time (average 65 hours to get to a safe standard)

This is made up of the following:

  • 15 hours dual instruction
  • 15 hours solo flight time
  • 5 hours Mountain Flying
  • 10 hours Cross Country Flying
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