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Beeby's Knob



  • Vehicle Transfers available
  • Experienced local guides
  • Some Mountain biking experience recommended
  • A moderate level of biking fitness and skills recommended.

Bike and equipment hire available via Helibike Nelson.

If you want to customise any of our trips or discuss options, please feel free to contact us.


Morning/Afternoon departures
Helicopters Nelson Base


The Helibike Nelson Beeby’s Knob ride is a Grade 2+ ride of 18Km along an Alpine Ridgeline to Beeby’s Knob itself, where there are spectacular views out over the Nelson Lakes and Southern Alps. The Track is a four wheel drive track of a predominantly easy level, that climbs and drops along the ridgeline and then descends steeply to the valley floor, down a farm track.

The trip starts with a short shuttle ride from Nelson out to Wakefield to our waiting Helicopter. After a safety briefing and a check that we all have what we need, we take off and enjoy a very scenic flight, out over the Mount Richmond Forest Park, south over Gordon’s Knob, and then across the Motueka Gorge to our drop point on the end of the Beeby’s ridgeline. Here we wave goodbye to our ride and find ourselves in a natural clearing, at the end of the 4X4 track we are about to ride along.

While the track grade is an easy 2+, with very few places that novice riders would find difficult, there are several sections of climbing that require a reasonable level of fitness to enjoy. The trip is taken at a very leisurely pace, and clients are encouraged not to rush things and tire themselves out. There are plenty of great places to stop along the way, to take in the views and natural surroundings, as well as a visit to the DOC hut where we stop for a snack, and rest before the final climb up to Beeby’s Knob itself.

Once at Beeby’s Knob, we then enjoy a long downhill ride to the farm gate at the valley floor. The views down this section are spectacular, and for those that like to put on a little bit of pace, the run down can be a lot of fun. For others, a couple of rest stops may be required on the way down.

Helibike Nelson Beeby's Knob - Scenic Flights Over Nelson Lakes, Southern Alps
Helibike Nelson Beeby's Knob - Scenic Flights Over Nelson Lakes, Southern Alps
Helibike Scenic Flights Over Nelson Lakes, Southern Alps
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