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  • Always approach and leave the helicopter from the front or as pilot directs.
  • Do not walk to the rear or under the tail boom of the helicopter.
  • Keep rifles and fishing rods down.
  • Avoid rising ground and walking up into the rotors.
  • When helicopter is taking off hold on to any loose gear so that it does not blow away.
  • Always carry a personal emergency locator beacon or satellite phone.
  • DOC hunting permits can be obtained online www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/hunting/permits-and-licences.
  • Please purchase hut tickets prior to your trip.
  • Please leave huts tidy, re-stock used firewood and do not leave any rubbish.
  • Remember everything you take in must come out.


All flights are subject to change and weather conditions.


We provide helicopter charter to remote and spectacular alpine locations to access our main game animals, Red Deer and Chamois. We also offer hunting opportunities for wild pigs and goat.

Our vast local knowledge and 3 generations of flying experience in the Nelson and Marlborough region provide for an exceptional hunting experience and safe access to remote wilderness areas. Our experienced pilots can advise on the best hunting locations during each season. We can supply experienced local guides for all types of hunting applications.

Helicopters Nelson hold DOC concessions to land in Kahurangi National Park, Mt Richmond Forest Park and South Marlborough.

hunters with stag helicopter
hunters with stag helicopter
two men with stag head
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