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I did my license conversion CASA to CAA and AS350 rating with the crew at Helicopters Nelson and what a awesome experience it was, cannot recommend a better place to do it. Very close to the mountains makes it a great spot to get that experience up with hut landings and confine spaces of all levels from basic to tricky, snow landings at the right time of the year and long line situations that require short and longer lines to get that real world situation awareness/experience.

Training for my private and commercial pilots licence with Helicopters Nelson was an awesome experience that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. They have very professional and knowledgeable instructors that not only got me flying to a commercial level but also to a level where I’m confident, feel safe and enjoy every minute in the air! I highly recommend training with the team at Helicopters Nelson – they make the whole experience very enjoyable while keeping to a very professional standard and I can’t wait to see where it will lead me in future.

Great company and staff that I have had the privilege of doing my flight training with, highly recommend getting in touch with the team at Helicopters Nelson if you are at all interested in learning to fly.

I was trained by Pete, Thomas and Charlie and I can’t thank them enough for the work they put in to get me to that commercial license. Gave me a lot of real world flying knowledge and skills that have given me an opportunity to go out and find work in Australia. Very professional family owned company. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a start in aviation.

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